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Trusting the Process

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Hey y'all, I hope you had a great Christmas holiday. The past few weeks have been so chaotic for us so we certainly enjoyed the slower pace to relax and enjoy our farm.

This week we prepped the barn site. I am astonished at how different our property looks right now! When we moved in there was so much overgrowth you couldn't even walk into that area.

Jordan spent many weeks clearing brush and attempting to uncover the shed. Once he got it all cleared he had the greatest idea to convert that into our chicken coop! You can read more about the chicken coop restoration here.

During the summer we decided to hire someone to help us with the land clearing. It was just too much for us to tackle alone. I am so thankful for the group of guys we found! They did an amazing job getting this area cleaned up and did it much faster than we could have done.

Although they were unable to get all the trees down they still did a phenomenal job clearing. It is so fun watching our land transform from an overgrown jungle to usable farm land. Our amazing neighbor also offered to help in exchange for firewood. He spent several weekends cutting down the remaining trees that surrounded the barn site.

Once all the trees were down and the usable wood moved out, it was time for the site prep! The first day honestly left us with an uneasy feeling. Seeing how deep they had to dig in order to get the site level, it looked more like a bunker than a barn site. We knew we had to make some adjustments to our original plans.

We discussed our concerns and worked together to adjust the layout. We decide to move the barn over about 10 feet and redesign the work flow around the front of the barn. Once he finished clearing everything out, we were is awe of how amazing it looked.

Now we just need the barn!

I have learned that almost everything we do on the farm doesn't go quite as planned. It can feel discouraging when what you envisioned gets altered after months of planning, but learning to be flexible is vital. In my opinion if you want a successful farm life you have to embrace the challenges, be flexible, and trust the process. Everything will work out for good, it may just look a little different than you expected.

Take a look at this side by side comparison!


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