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Our Journey to Tennessee

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

My husband Jordan and I have dreamed of moving to the great state of Tennessee almost as long as we have been married. We loved the idea of owning land with a quaint farmhouse and starting our own hobby farm. We kept this idea safely tucked in our daydreams for over 6 years until a glimpse of our dream started to make its way into our reality.

The conversations around moving became more frequent after learning that two of our greatest friends shared similar dreams. Tennessee was the place that would bring our friends together and our dreams to reality. The excitement that we could potentially close the almost 2,200 mile gap between us all was enough to get us moving!

Fast-forward almost 2 years and the energy from that conversation had been muffled by life. Jordan, knowing we needed a break from our day-to-day suggested we take a weekend trip to Tennessee to visit with friends and meet her new baby girl. The next weekend we drove down and explored the lovely town with our friends. Jordan suggested "since we are here we might as well look at some homes that are for sale... never hurts to look right?"

After driving around all afternoon he suggested one last property before we call it a day. I can't really describe the feeling that afternoon but I will do my best. My first thought was "this is a very long, narrow, and steep driveway" followed by "oohhh Magnolia trees". Once at the top of the driveway we got out of the car, and this was the moment I knew...

Seeing my husband and this view and this land! This was it! This was going to be our new home, I just knew it, but how!? As we drove away from the house, my gut kept telling me to pursue this despite our lack of preparedness. I got out my phone, pulled up the listing on Zillow and stared on the "request a showing" section, telling myself that no one would answer at 7pm on a Saturday. I prayed and clicked the little button. Not even 10 minutes later I got a call from the sweetest realtor.

The next morning she met us at the house and we were able to see this adorable 1950s farmhouse. We explained our situation then got back in the car to start our drive to Indiana. I spent majority of the drive planning our next steps and applying for every job possible. We had a lot to do before we could move, for starters we needed to sell our house and get jobs.

In a matter of two weeks we put an offer in on that house, sold our house, and both got jobs in Tennessee! Those two weeks were pure chaos but the goodness of God was prevalent through the whole process.

Closing day on BOTH houses was March 24. We started out with the close of our Indiana house and then with less than 20 minutes to spare we had to race to meet the remote notary for our Tennessee closing. With both closing complete, we said our goodbyes and started our LONG and EMOTIONAL drive to our new home, Tennessee!

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I love this such a great story of the two of you

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