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Future Goals For Our Farm

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Farm goals are ever-changing. I eluded to this in last week's post; planning your farm goals is great, but you have to be flexible. We would love to do all the things but we have to realistic with our time, capacity, and abilities. For the past several months we have been creating plans to add another breed to our farm. The hardest part is determining which one to add.

We have had a goal to add pigs to our farm for over a year now. We want to bring pigs to the farm because it would add another meat source. We spent a lot of time researching different breeds and decided on the KuneKune pigs. It seems to be a good option because they are known for their friendly demeanor and the biggest plus is that they don't challenge fences like some other breeds do. The hurdle we are facing right now is finding the time to prepare the space for them. We have already determined where they are going but we have to put in a fence, clear out some brush, and build their shelter. Hopefully this fall we will get everything prepared for them.

Goats are also on our list. After a few months of research, and talking with other goat owners, we have decide that we want Oberhasli goats. My aunt had this breed of goat and one of our dear farm friends currently has this breed. We opted for this breed for two reasons, demeanor and milk production. Since these goats will require daily milking we have to plan for that. We aren't quite ready for them yet but hopefully by next spring we will be ready to add goats. The nice thing about adding goats is that we already have a good fence and they can graze with the cows.

When we really get to dreaming, we talk about adding alpacas. I don't know if this will ever be a reality for us but I know we would love it. Alpacas quickly became one of my favorite farm animals when we were working on Martha's Vineyard. During our time there we spent several of our off days visiting Island Alpacas farm. Learning about this breed was fascinating. If we did add them to our farm, I would learn how to process their wool and sell it. There are so many awesome products you can make with alpaca wool. A girl can dream, right?

The biggest goal we have for our farm is to be a blessing. We want our farm to be an encouragement to those around us and of course provide food. I hope that our farm is an encouragement to y'all. We love sharing our journey and hope that as we continue to grow, we can build a community that supports each other well.


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Sounds like you’re going to need more land with those dreams!

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