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Goals and Dreams

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Allowing your imagination to explore the many possibilities of life can be exciting and terrifying. A dream can seem impossible when you‘re only looking at the big picture but don't take the time to examine each step along the way. Dreams of growing our farm and eventually opening a retail shop can seem so out of reach if I am focused on the wrong things. I can allow fear and anxiety to overwhelm me or I can turn those emotions into fuel. We know what our goal is so shifting our energy into the "how" is the key to bringing it to life. Maybe I need to start selling farm products or essential oil blends that I love. Maybe Jordan can build a few furniture pieces to sell. Maybe we just stop eating out so much.

On the farm we are constantly evaluating our present situation and finding ways to move towards our goals and dreams. There are times when your situation requires an adjustment. For us, we thought it would be great to add sheep to our farm but after being on our property we decided against that. It is important to know your property well before bringing any animal home. Knowing for sure that they will be safe, have adequate space, and that you will be able to care for them well are key before taking the leap into farming. You can learn a lot along the way but you need to start with a safe environment for your animals.

The exciting side of evaluating your dreams and goals is the possibility of adding something new. After nixing the sheep idea, we started thinking about other potential animals to add. We have a few options in mind and we haven't yet made a concrete decision but we may be adding pigs in a year or so. The great thing about farming is that nothing is forever. If we decide we aren't pig farmers we can still learn from that experience. It's an amazing and exciting lifestyle.

Each step in our journey has had a fair amount of fear and double the amount of faith. Sometimes you just have to take the leap to see that you are truly capable of more than you expected. Trial and error are part of this journey. You won't get everything right the first time and that's okay. Learn from your mistakes and grow through the hard times. I still find myself wondering if we are doing everything right but my animals are all healthy and spoiled so I'd say we are doing alright.

I would encourage you to take some time to evaluate your own dreams and goals. Write them down even the ones that you think are impossible. Get a journal and jot down ideas as they come or just use the notes app on your phone. I have learned that writing out and reviewing your goals is extremely helpful. It brings them out into the open and makes them much more real. The possibilities truly are endless!

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I love that you two are dreaming and having fun together!!

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