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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y’all! I truly hope y’all had a blessed week. I know most of us are starting to feel the effects of the time change. Honestly, I never really cared about the time change but currently I am just not happy with it. When I get home it is completely dark, which mean no time with my girls. The chickens probably don’t care, but I do. By the time I get home they have put themselves to bed, so all I have to do is collect the eggs and shut the door.

The chicks are almost ready to join the girls. We have been working on transitioning them to the coop but since our girls aren’t being very friendly I am building them a separate enclosure. At least until they can safely integrate. Carl is a good mediator in the meantime.

I shared last week on the blog about our emotional struggle when making decisions for our animals. At that time we thought we were going to lose our sweet cow Madeline. She was diagnosed with Tannin poisoning and the vet recommended euthanasia. We were given the weekend to think it over but honestly it seemed hopeless. However, on Sunday we received news that she was showing signs of recovery. We went to visit her and determined we would do everything we could to give her a fighting chance. We still have a lot of unknowns ahead but we are willing to take the risk to attempt saving her and her calf. This decision was not easy. Deciding to fight for her is an emotional and financial risk, but we both feel she is worth it. Madeline is showing that she is a fighter and we pray that she recovers without any lasting effects.

There is not a day that goes by where I do not thank God for this farm. I pray for my animals every night. I pray for for my husband, our family, our friends, and for you! I thank God for all that he has given me and all that he has taught me.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read about our week here at Redeemed Coop!


How can I pray for you this week?

Please leave a comment below.

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Thanks for sharing I look forward to this every week God is good always 💕

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