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Friday Favorites

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

It’s finally Friday y’all and that means I get to share my favorite moments with you! So let’s jump right in.

My week started off with a visit to our sweet Madeline. I had the opportunity to work with her and her first calf on halter training. I treasure these moments so much! Not only do I get to learn from some amazing farmers but I get to bond with our girl. I can’t wait to bring her home but until then I know she is in the greatest hands.

Which brings me to my next moment, learning from and building relationships with local farmers. Spending the afternoon with Danny and Dave was a delight. They are so kind toward us and just pour knowledge over us. I am so thankful they allow us to spend time on their farm but I am even more grateful for their friendship, and the puppy snuggles too!

Our girls are always a highlight. If you can’t tell, I love being a chicken mama. This week the girls found their way to the house. They are starting to get curious about the chicks but quickly lose interest and run back off to forage. It will probably be a few more weeks before the chicks join them full time but I have enjoyed watching them observe the chicks from a distance.

The chicks are doing great and growing fast! They love to roost on the edge of their brooder and have started to establish their pecking order. We also started bringing the chicks outside to let them explore.

Most of the chicks enjoyed being outside but not Goldie! She flew right back to me and stayed on my shoulder the entire time. I will ease her into the scary outdoors eventually, but for now I’ll enjoy the extra time to bond with her.

We also had two new egg layers this week!! Bellatrix and Princess Lay-A have given us some beautiful variety to our farm fresh eggs! Check out these beautiful egg colors! We just need Truffle and Buttercup to start laying and we will be ready to share some eggs with our neighbors!

Sometimes the moments that fill my heart the most are the seemingly boring ones. The moments when I go check on the girls with Carl. It’s not necessarily exciting or impressive, just simple. I mean honestly how could you not smile if this was your backyard!?

The hard days tend to be my favorite too. These days are full of lessons. This was perhaps the farmiest week yet! We worked tirelessly on the pasture and after several things had gone wrong it was hard to keep going, but we did. Jordan was tilling the pasture so we could spread seed and got his tractor stuck. We had to step back and evaluate how to get the tractor out without flipping it over. The mud was not our friend. Farming has taught us a lot but the lesson we learned that day was you can’t just throw in the towel when things don’t go as planned. We had to keep a clear head, take a deep breath, and just figure it out.

The lessons our farm teaches us every day is something I love to look back on. We have learned so much in the short amount of time we have been here. God is so good to us and I pray daily that our farm will bring a smile to your face and a little light in the darkness.

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I love your musings and interesting info!!

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Thank you so much!


Oct 17, 2021

I so enjoy your weekly update! It gives my heart joy to watch your farm evolve!

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Thank you 💞


Love this!!

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