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Friday Favorites

Some weeks writing the blog is really hard. I struggle with how much to share and when to be vulnerable. This week for the most part was mundane. We simply enjoyed our farm. Spending the quickly fading evenings walking the yard with the girls.

Watching the chicks grow and be brave enough to explore more of the yard. Patiently waiting for them to be ready to join our girls full time.

I surprised Jordan with this adorable egg carton and custom stamp for our farm! One day we plan to sell eggs but since we don’t have enough chickens for that yet, I decided to gift some to our amazing neighbors. Farm life at its best.

But then there are days like yesterday when farm life is hard. When an animal unexpectedly takes a turn for the worse. When you have to decide what’s best for them. There are no words to describe the emotions attached to the decisions you have to make. Knowing you made a decision that is best for the animal helps but it still hurts.

Farming is hard, but we chose this life. We chose to take the risk knowing one day we would face this awful day. This experience has taught us a lot, but most importantly we learned the need to savor the mundane moments even more!


How can I pray for you this week? Please leave a comment below.

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I know how hard this week was proud of you for making the hard decisions love you

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