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2023 Year in Review

We made to the end of another year y'all! I love looking back over our year and although this year has been a rough one, God has been so good through it all. Who is ready to dive into our blog review of 2023?

Why not start with our most viewed post. Honestly this blew me away! I do not have a "large" following and our average post views are around 50 in the average week. This post however has 300 views! The Faith, Family, and Farm post is where I shared, for the first time, our struggles with infertility and the loss of our embaby boy. While this post was not the easiest to write and even more difficult to publish, I am so glad I did. It has been a blessing to encourage others and to be encouraged by other women who are walking a similar path.

Speaking of blessings, we launched our Goat Milk Lotion business this year! In August I rented a shelf at a local store, Glovers Secondhand + Handmade. I then launched our online store in November. This business has taught me so much already! I have truly been blown away by the response and the love we have received from those who have purchased our lotion. It has been a tremendous blessing to be able to share this amazing product with y'all. To everyone who has purchased from our store, thank you!

Do you want to know my favorite post from this year? Well I actually have two. The first is the Farming as a Couple post I did in July. This was a fun blog to write and honestly if you are thinking of starting a farm or homestead, you will need to consider how you and your spouse work together. I think this post is a good place to start

My second favorite post was 5 Tips to Combat Imposter Syndrome: On & Off the Farm. This post was a bit vulnerable, which is not really a new thing on here. But starting a farm, with no experience ever can certainly lead to feelings of imposter syndrome so I had to share some of the struggles we, mostly me, had and how we overcame those thoughts.

The proudest moment on our farm this year has to be raising our own food. From the small harvest of veggies to the freezer full of beef, we are beyond grateful. It has been a lot of work but we are so proud to be able to feed our family and even provide farm fresh food for our friends and neighbors.

What are you most proud of this year?

Happy New Year Friends


How can I pray for you?

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It Starts with the Egg book may be helpful. Where is your farm?

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