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Top 10 Small Farm Essentials


This is probably one the most important pieces of equipment on our farm. If you are looking to start a farm, start researching tractors. Every farm has unique needs and functions for their tractors, but trust me you need a tractor. It will make your life so much easier.


Next to the tractor our wheelbarrow is my favorite item. I also have a large cart that I frequently use for transporting heavy bags or feed, water containers, and anything else that I don't want to break my back trying to carry. I highly recommend both if you can afford it. We have a heavy-duty two wheeled wheelbarrow that is perfect when we are mucking the barn stalls and cleaning our the chicken coop.


Good and reliable tools are a must. Farm life bring many projects. Build your collection as projects come and keep them in good condition.

Access to water

Water is essential on a farm. There isn't a whole lot to say here, but make sure you have a plan. We hauled several gallons of water to the chickens for months before we decided to run a hose to the chicken and cow troughs. We will have a water line installed soon but until then we can at least get water easily to our animals.

Secure food storage

This may be one of the most important things to figure out on your farm. I have heard so many horror stories of animals getting into feed bags and passing away from bloat or other conditions. Find a safe way to store feed. If you can find locking lids I would highly suggest it. We store our feed in the tackroom in locked barrels. This not only protects the animals it also decreases the contamination from mice or other critters.

Emergency Kit

I highly suggest you have emergency kits for you farm. We have first aid kits for us and for the animals. What you put in the kits is entirely dependent on what animals you are raising on your farm. It is also a really good idea to have fire extinguishers handy.

Good work boots

You will be on your feet for several hours, so invest in some good boots. I have a two pairs of boots and may be adding a pair of steel-toed boots in the future. Personally, I like Muck boots for my everyday work boot.


Now some may disagree with this, but overalls are essential to me. Pockets. Pockets. Pockets. You will fall in love with overalls. I promise.


Find gloves that you love and buy a few pair. I wear gloves with most every project we do. My current search is for a good pair of anti-vibration gloves. If you have any suggestions for that I'd love to hear from you.


This may sound a little odd to include in this list but we all need community. Finding other farmers and like-minded friends will help you be more successful in your farm journey.


How can I pray for you?

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