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Make it a Reality

Hey y’all! Thank you for all the support as we continue to grow our hobby farm. After sharing about our dreams and goals on the last blog I wanted to gift you with my secret ingredient! The G.O.A.L.S: Make it a Reality worksheet! After trying many different trackers and planners I found that this method works best for me!

You may be wondering what G.O.A.L.S stands for so let me explain: Get specific- write down exactly what you want to accomplish? This step is pretty obvious but it is so important to write your goals down! This helps bring them to life.

Outline your steps- create steps to track your progress, make sure to include a timeline. You have to be realistic about your timeline here. Know your schedule and your motivation.

Add meaning- write down why this goal is important to you. A goal with meaning motivates you to work even when you don’t feel like it.

Live & Learn – work toward your goal and set aside time to evaluate your progress and make adjustments as needed. Remember that making mistakes is part of the journey and use those experiences to do better next time.

Success- Celebrate each step as you complete it! It might seem silly but each step you take no matter how small is definitely worth celebrating! You are already closer to your goal than you were before!

I am so excited to share this tool with you! I know that it will help take you from not knowing what to do to having a clear plan to accomplishing your goals!

Grab the very first Redeemed Coop & Co freebie right here!!

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