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Grace for Each Day

Farm life is honestly one of the most rewarding things I have experienced, but some days are just plain hard. Adjusting to all the new routines and schedules has been a little mentally exhausting. We are trying to find a good balance but everyday seems to bring a new challenge for us.

Some days those challenges are minor and fairly easy to navigate. Like finding and removing ticks from Baxter who doesn’t want you to remove them because it hurts when we touch that area. Other days it’s like trying to halter train Madeline who insist on asserting her dominance. These moments call for patience and understanding, but also persistence.

Then there are days when we face large and overwhelming challenges. This week I truly thought we were going to have a terrible conversation with our vet. Beau has been struggling with a skin infection that within just a few weeks went from manageable to unimaginable. Thankfully though it was not nearly as bad as we thought. The vet was very reassuring and we started him on a different treatment regimen. We still are awaiting his blood work but we are hopeful that he will pull through this and have many more happy years on the farm.

Each and every day on the farm requires a different amount of strength and perseverance. We can’t get through any of the challenges we face without them. By the grace of God, He always provides. I pray and I believe that God will provide. I try not to place any expectation on the “how” because I know he is faithful. I have learned the hard way that expecting God to answer things my way is not the best. God always has a better plan for me.


How can I pray for you today?

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Cant wait to spend time with you guys on the farm next week love you

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