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Farm Life and Lessons

We made it through another week y'all! I shared last week that March was going to be a busy month for us and this week proved that for sure. Farm projects can be physically exhausting but they also provide a sense of accomplishment, not to mention it's almost always a great cardio workout. Each project brings us one step closer to making our dreams a reality.

The first project we worked on is coming up with an extension for our chick brooder. The chicks are growing fast and will need more room to roam around until they are ready to join the big girls. I mocked up a drawing for Jordan and he turned that into a reality. We wanted to use items we had and keep the cost to nothing if possible. So we used the dog kennel, scrap wood, and their existing brooder to create a little more than double the space they had. Just took a little creativity and Jordan's handiwork to bring it to life.

Our biggest projects this week were the barn posts and floor. The post project only took us a few days to complete. First Jordan had to measure out where each post should go and used the auger to dig the holes. After all 24 post holes were completed we had to put in rock, tamp that down, place the pole, measure again, add about 2-50lbs bags of cement, add water and repeat for the remaining holes. The hardest part of that work was making sure the posts were in the right spot and that they were level.

The barn floor is still in progress. Thursday morning we had a load of quarter down gravel delivered and Jordan spent all day moving and raking that rock. Today we had a second load delivered but after about 5 trips to the barn our tractor’s hydraulic line burst. So our evening will be spent working on good ol' Oliver.

Farm life is crazy, busy, and stressful but at the same time it is fulfilling, peaceful, and rewarding. Each day brings us new challenges but that is how we grow as farmers. Life teaches us lessons everyday but if you aren't careful you can easily miss them. Today it would be easy to get mad at Oliver, but instead we will be thankful for this challenge and the opportunity to learn some new skills, like how to replace hydraulic lines on a tractor.


Baxter's Treasures

It is probably no surprise by now... but his only treasure this week was another deer leg. I think he got wind of my blog highlight and decided to keep his treasures off the front porch.


How can I pray for you this week?

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