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Good Times on the Farm

Life has a funny way of creating memorable moments when you least expect it. Last Friday after work, like every other day, I went out to check on the chickens, gather eggs, and work with Baxter on his chicken etiquette, which is coming along painfully slow. Before I put him on his leash I decided to bring the eggs inside, because it's freezing and the eggs are like ice cubes in my hands. When I got back outside... Carl and Baxter were gone.

We are on 5 1/2 acres and often they go to the back of our property to say hi to our neighbor. So I am making my way from the house into our pasture. I'm calling and whistling for them, but nothing. Baxter has been phenomenal at obeying the "here" command... so this is where I start to panic. Our fence isn't scheduled until next month so they could be anywhere... we are in the country... surrounded by farms... where do I even start. They have not run off our property since we moved here, except to say hi to our neighbors.

That's when I spotted them. You know that feeling that overcomes you and all you can see is red. Well that's where I was at. Carl and Baxter are nose diving in cow manure. Y'all like full on slip n' slide action. In our neighbor's yard. With their cows. Now before anyone gets upset, no animals were harmed. My dogs did nothing to the cows and the cows just stood there watching dumb and dumber play in their poop.

On the right you can barely see Carl and Baxter, the left shows the cows enjoying the show.

Baxter was having the time of his life diving in this new substance. Carl spotted me and ran straight past me and to the house. Baxter, after realizing his playmate had abandoned him, came trotting over to show me his new found treasure. I walked him back to the house and both of them stayed in "time-out" until Jordan could clean them up.

I don't have many pictures to show the craziness of that afternoon, mostly because I was not in the mood to photograph at that particular moment, but it certainly will be etched in my mind forever. Reliving this with y'all now makes me laugh at how angry I got. I was just plain grumpy, thankfully Jordan was very sweet and patient with me and the dogs. I can't stay mad at these two for long even with all the muddy paw prints they bring into our home.

Thankfully the rest of the week was pretty mundane. The weather was cold, wet, and just gross. So unfortunately I couldn't spend too much time outdoors. So to combat the winter blues I baked all the goodies.

I plan to share these recipes in my upcoming newsletter. That's right! I am starting a monthly newsletter. Keep an eye on your inboxes starting in February! If you have subscribed, you can do so here.


How can I pray for you this week?

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Love it and I need a muffin please!!!!💕


Toooooo funny!!!

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