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Garden Preparations

I have spent the last few weeks planning out our garden space and I am getting super excited to start some seeds y'all. This will be our 2nd year with our own garden and I learned a lot from last year's

challenges. Gardening is a lot of trial & error. We have to figure out what works for us, for our space, and what doesn't. Last year... a lot didn't work BUT that gives us a chance to change things up and see what happens.

Garden prep for us always starts with deciding what we want to grow. I am not going to lie, I over bought seeds last year, so I am going to stick with the seeds we have and do my best not to purchase any from the same variety. We have lovely little seed storage unit that works perfectly for us. I can sort them by type and keep my seeds perfectly organized. When I was ready to start planning, I pulled out this unit and started adding my inventory to Seedtime.

Seedtime is a great website that I find very helpful as a newbie gardener. I can put in everything that I want to plant this season and it tells me when to start the seeds, when to transfer, when to harvest, and more! I love how organized it keeps me and allows me to plan better. You can even visual your garden beds and design your garden with their layout feature!

After we decided what seeds we wanted than we get to plan the fun stuff, seed starting! This year I upgraded to a little greenhouse. It was convenient having the seeds indoors but we have officially run out of space in my office. So outside it must go. Last year I also had to borrow all the seed starting supplies from a friend so this year I decided to purchase our own from Bootsrap Farmer. The kit we purchased is already sold out, but I am sure you can find some awesome kits still available.

According to our Seedtime planting guide, we will be starting our first seeds February 14th but the bulk of our seed starting will be in March. I am super excited to get started, especially with my pretty new seed starting kit and greenhouse! Are you starting a garden this year?


How can I pray for you?

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Feb 05

Oh I love the Seedtime planning idea. I usually just fly by the seat of my pants haha!! I have a greenhouse this year (we built a 15x30 greenhouse that took us about a year) so I may start a few seeds in there this week just to get ahead of things... I need to do a little more research on the best ones to do. I was very late to everything last year but had things growing well into late October which was SO cool! I want to do more veggies this year but also more flowers. :) I am excited to see how your garden does this year!

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