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Friday Favorites

We made it through another week. Setting aside time every Friday to go through the week‘s events and share them with y’all is truly something that I look forward to. This week was busy but there are still some great moments to share with you.

I’ll start with something not related to the farm but a moment that just meant a lot. One of the social media influencers that I follow started her own candle company called Life in Lilac. I’m a huge proponent of supporting small businesses, so of course I had to support her! I purchased two candles on her launch day. I obviously knew the name of candle when I bought it but God used this candle as a sweet reminder of who I am. Wonderful & Worthy. I shared last week about the rough week and how God uses the farm to teach me so many great things. Well, this week he added candles to the lesson plan.

He also added laughter! Halloween evening I was outside with the chickens and I hear what sounds like a blow torch or very heavy/labored breathing. I couldn’t see anything that would be making that noise. It was coming from behind our magnolia trees and getting closer. So of course my mind went straight to figuring out what predatory animal could possibly make that noise. About 5 minutes had passed and the noise was getting louder and closer! I decided to pull out my phone to record, you know, just in case I died... so Jordan would know what animal to look for. About 15 seconds of recording and y’all… a hot air balloon comes into view over the magnolias! I laughed so hard! Like I shared last week, constant vigilance! You wouldn’t want to be caught unaware when a balloon threatens your farm.

This week also brought cause for celebration. We graduated from the Master Beef Producer Program! We have learned so much from these classes and look forward to learning more as we take more classes. Life on a farm means you are constantly learning and I’m grateful for programs like this, that equip us for success.

Farming has it’s challenges but it’s also so rewarding. I honestly did not know I could love a bird so much y’all. These girls are so fun! Watching them explore makes my heart feel so full. They still don’t want to have anything to do with the chicks but I am hopeful that will change as they get older.

The chicks are growing up so fast. They are almost completely feathered now. Pete is still growing into his feathers so he looks a little scruffy but he will fill out soon enough. Their favorite thing is foraging in the yard and then flying right back to us. I will say this batch of chicks loves being held much more than our girls did. I think it is because they hatched in a classroom and were instantly loved by all the kids!

Goldie is hands down the most loving chicken we have! She is the first to jump on my hand or shoulder and loves to snuggle up against us. I hope she stays this way forever and I can finally have a snuggly chicken!

We truly are blessed to have our little farm! I love sharing it with y’all! Thank you for following our journey and tuning in for another Friday Favorites!!


How can I pray for you this week?

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Love the Balloon story


Grace Blanchard
Grace Blanchard
Nov 05, 2021

Life dream = snuggly chicken

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