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Farm Life is the Best Life

Y’all, I am exhausted and ready for a restful weekend… oh wait.. we have barn stalls to work on. The past week went from 0-60 real quick. Funny to think that just a few weeks ago I was frustrated about the waiting period. Now we are running full steam ahead with several projects.

The warmer weather has allowed us to finally start working our barn stalls. The work will be done in stages and the first stage is almost complete! With the help of our friends we got most of the stall walls up within a few days. Tomorrow we have plans to finish the walls and get the posts cemented into the holes Jordan prepared.

With spring right around the corner we have also started planning our garden. We couldn’t do it without our friends though. They helped us build up the courage to start. Plus knowing they will be there to help us every step of the way eases my mind.

Our chicks are growing fast and before we know it they will be ready to transition into a larger brooder. Which means we have to build one. Since we opted to double our flock this year they will outgrow the brooder very quickly. So on top of barn stalls and gardens we have a new mini-coop to build!

Farm life is a never ending list of projects but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Our farm is also our haven. When I get overwhelmed by the busyness of life I step outside and am met with overwhelming gratitude. I love our farm and I hope it brings you a smile when I share our little haven with you.


Baxters Treasures

This week baxter brought home several

bones and a mini bottle of vodka. A pattern is emerging…


How can I pray for you this week? Please leave a comment below

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