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Can We Really Be Self-Sufficient?

One thing that has become a huge focus in the past several years is learning to be more self-sufficient. I don't believe we can ever be completely self-sufficient, nor do I really think that is a healthy. We need community. Just like Jordan shared in his last post, we need fellowship and friendship. We are not meant to do life alone. There should be a balance of learning new skills that allow you to be more self-sufficient and using those skills to build a stronger community.

There is so much to learn on the road to a more self-sufficient life. One example is learning to grow your own food. This year our friends planted a large garden in our front yard. They did all the work of creating, maintaining, and harvesting. I watched, probably from too far away if I am being honest. But I decided to start a much smaller herb garden by the chicken coop. It did pretty good, until we hit our unexpected summer drought. It may have been short lived but I was still able to learn from it. I learned what plants to avoid next year. I learned that I need to plant more marigolds. I learned that lavender does not grow well in our zone. I also learned how to harvest basil and make my own pesto, which was delicious!

This brings me back to self-sufficiency. I didn't learn any of that on my own. I had friends who answered my questions, helped me understand soil needs, and gave me the confidence to try for more. Gardening is just one example, maybe you desire to raise livestock, learn to sew, or learn to can. The skills are endless. Don't try to tackle them all at once. Take it one step at a time. Learn from others in your community.

The road to self-sufficiency helps you realize how much we need other people in our lives. We need others to be our coach, mentor, and teacher. We need others to provide things that we can't build, grow, or create on our own. I would love to be part of community-sufficient society. Imagine living in a community where we all help each other out, barter goods, and support each other in their small businesses. I would much rather invest in my community than be self-sufficient. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on this concept.


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