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Breeding Season

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

We took some big steps this week to finally start the breeding program with our cows! This year we have decided to artificially inseminate both Madeline and Trexy, and we have officially ordered straws. What are straws you ask? Well, in order to breed a cow or heifer, there are 2 options. You can do it the natural way by having a bull on property or you can artificially inseminate. Since we did not have access to a bull this year the only option for us to order straws. When there is a bull that has great conformation to the breed, owners can "collect" straws in order to breed their cows in the future. Once collected the straws are stored at -320 degrees Fahrenheit at designated storage facilities and thawed out when ready.

When selecting a bull for breeding, you have to consider what you want to improve upon for your cow's qualities. For instance, some bulls may improve the offspring's feet or udder attachment. After much research and discussion with our Dexter cow mentor, we selected an amazing bull for our girls. So without further ado, the stud for this year is Hiyu Saturn's Warlord.

Warlord is a game changer for Dexter cattle, an absolute legend. He is a Canadian bull born in 2002 known for excellent length, udder attachment, lots of milk, and good muscling. Madeline is a beautiful little cow, and has been thoughtfully bred by our mentor. We love her gentle disposition and depth. However, we would like to improve her offspring's feet and fore udder attachment, which Warlord should help out with. Trexy is still growing, so it is a little difficult to predict how she will be fully developed in a few years. Warlord is a great choice for both our girls.

Our hope for this breeding season is to add a couple more mamas, but we also know that beef from a steer is where you make profit on a farm. And who doesn't love beef. We will be thrilled with whatever God gifts our farm. We just pray for happy and healthy calves.


How can I pray for you this week?

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AI is an excellent choice! this Is an excellent reminder that I need to check on my nitrogen tank level too. Good luck!


If you picked different bulls and had a boy could you not then breed without outside help?

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