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Spring Farm Update

May is here which means we officially made it through our second kidding season! It also means that we are just weeks away from Madeline's due date! Can you believe it! I sure can't. I can't believe we have been farming for over 3 years now. It seems like just yesterday we were picking up our first chicks at the local hatchery and figuring out how we were going to build this dream farm of ours.

Goat Updates

This year we had 4 pregnant does and we ended up with 7 healthy kids. 3 little bucks and 4 little does. All but Little Prince will be heading to new homes this summer after they are weaned. Squash, our little buck from last year will be going to his new home next Sunday. Then we will have to have a tough conversation to downsize our herd a little bit. We have 6 adult does and really only have room for 4 milking mamas.

Speaking of goat milk... I am working on restructuring my business plan and creating some new products! I am really excited about one of the new products and am praying that all the testing brings great results. The only hint I will give... I don't think this product exists and if it does I don't know about it. So pray that all my product testing works out and I am able to launch this product for y'all!

Cow Updates

Madeline is due on May 26th and we are excited and nervous for her. Last year she gave us the chunkiest bull calf, Tiergan. I am really praying for a little heifer from her this year. I guess we will find out in a few weeks. Speaking of Tiergan, he just celebrated his 1st birthday! So crazy! He is living up to his name for sure "strong-willed" and ornery. He will stick around at least for another year while we evaluate his future. He will be a great companion to Luna when we separate her for weaning when she is ready.

Luna is doing great. She hates the halter, but we still have time to work with her before she goes to her new home. We have been conditioning her to be a milk cow as well. So far she is doing great with that training and I think her temperament will be perfect for a family milk cow. Trexy is doing well in her milk stand training, admittedly we took a little break during kidding season but once Luna is separated for weaning we plan to milk her full time! I am hoping this will give us the opportunity to make some butter and have cream for my coffee!

Chicken and Duck Updates

All is well in the many free range flocks of our farm. The chickens are in full spring mode which means lots of eggs and the occasional broody hen. We are not wanting to hatch any chicks this year but if it goes anything like last year our hens are going to hide and do it anyway. The only exception is we have a broody hen sitting on duck eggs, which I am not mad about. So in a few weeks we will see if those eggs hatch and we get to welcome a couple ducklings to the farm. The rest of the ducks are thriving and enjoying their new larger enclosure. We really want to find a way to upgrade their pond area but we need to find a solar pump that can keep up with the muddiest birds on the planet. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let us know.

IVF Updates

We are one week away from our suppression check and if all looks good I will start the daily injections for the mock cycle. This cycle is to see how my lining responds to the new medications, and if everything looks good for the actual embryo transfer. At the end of the mock cycle I will have a biopsy of my endometrial lining and once results come back we will discuss the timeline for transferring our little embryo. Our prayer is that everything looks great and we are able to move forward with transfer in July.

Whew... that was a lot. Thank you for reading our blog, supporting our farm, and lifting us up in prayer as we navigate this long and emotional road of infertility. We truly appreciate you!


How can I pray for you?

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May 05

Love all the updates so much happening an exciting time of life on the farm and in your lives xo

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