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New Additions and Gods Provision

Yahweh Yireh, “the LORD will provide.” I am so thankful for how God worked on our farm this week. He provided is so many ways. Not only did he provided 8 more animals on our farm but he provided encouragement in our journey.

First, a very unexpected addition to our farm, Bubba the Maine Coon cat. Our local shelter posted that he was surrendered by his owner and available for adoption. We were lucky enough to be the first to arrive at the shelter to see him and it was love at first sight. Bubba was very sweet and surprisingly trusting. After a few minutes of playing, we knew he would be a great fit. He is settling in nicely and almost all the animals love him, Jasper is still unsure about his new brother.

Our next addition came a year early. We were brainstorming recently on what other animals to introduce to the farm. We discussed the idea of getting ducks next spring. Jordan was quite particular on the specific breed of Indian Runner Ducks. We liked their appearance, temperament, egg laying ability, and their ability to forage in the garden. The only problem was that breed was not readily available in the area... or so we thought. A woman I met at the Womens Homestead conference last year posted that she was selling 6 Indian Runner ducks. I messaged her almost immediately. Jordan and I discussed the logistics and of course we jumped at the opportunity and brought them home. We quickly set up their new pen and made sure they had a safe place to sleep at night. They are still adjusting to their new home but they seem very happy. And I absolutely love watching them waddle around the garden.

As you all know Madeline was due to calve this week. Our main prayer was that both momma and calf would be healthy. And God provided. I had been watching her all day Wednesday and I knew labor was coming. She was getting restless and spent most of the day pacing around the pasture. Her udder was so full it seemed like it was going to pop. I went out to check on her at 12:15AM and saw her pass the water bag. After about an hour of contractions, I saw a hoof. Praise Jesus. Madeline laid down and continued pushing. We had one hoof, then the second hoof, then a nose. I kept praying and encouraging mama along. It was a huge sigh of relief to see the calf was in the optimal birthing position. In about 5 minutes without any assistance, the calf was out. It was a boy, a BIG boy! He already looks like a bull, but only time will tell. We cannot wait to see how he fills out and are hoping to keep him intact so that he can breed for the future.

On baby boy's second day in the world, we had to dehorn him. Was it necessary? Yes. Did I cry? Absolutely. These are some of the hardest moments in farming. I find that there are many times in farming that you have to do what is hard and sometime temporary painful to the animal, but is necessary for the greater good for both farmer and animal. We used dehorning paste, which basically chemically burns the areas on the calf's head to prevent horns from growing. I was not prepared for the emotions I would feel. I could barely sleep last night because of it. But seeing him run around the farm this morning, reassured me that everything was going to be ok. He will heal and we can rest knowing we are not putting ourselves or our animals at risk of being injured by his horns.

The animal additions were exciting but the best encouragement we received was hearing a story of how our farm journey encouraged someone else. I won't share their story here, but just know that God is good. God provides. Yahweh Yireh


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