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Friday Favorites: A Haven For Healing

Hey y’all! It has been an absolute whirlwind of a week. I had every intention of getting a blog post together last weekend but life had other plans. Saturday I was informed that my brother had been taken to the hospital in grave condition. I was able to talk to my brothers and pray with them over the phone, although Kyle couldn’t respond I know he could hear us. Sunday morning I received word that he had passed away. I can’t fully articulate my hurt but I am thankful that he is no longer suffering and is now rejoicing in Heaven with Jesus.

I spent Sunday morning trying to process the loss of Kyle and support my family. Knowing I needed to be with friends I got in the car and headed to their house for lunch. I was sitting at a stop sign when I got hit head on. The other driver hit me so hard that my car spun and she ended up hitting my driver side door as well. I was very shaken up and because her car was in my driver door I had to stay put until the first responders arrived. The car is still being assessed at the body shop but I won’t be surprised if its totaled. Thankfully the other driver was not injured. I am just sore from the jostling and have a nice bruise on my knee. In all honesty I will probably avoid that intersection for a while. The accident just seems to be on replay in my head which doesn’t make for restful sleep.

The next few days was spent talking with family, insurance companies, and a bit of crying. This week has brought a lot of hurt but God has been so good through it all. I thank God for those who immediately came to our aid. God showed me how much he cares for his children by showering us with love, support, and prayers. He also showed me what it means to love others through their hurt. I never understood the value of a meal train until now. I know it might sound crazy to some but removing just one decision from a person day is profoundly helpful.

Since my last blog post we have also had a few updates on the farm. First up we are on calf watch with Madeline. Her due date is 12/13 and we are praying for a healthy heifer! We will be happy with a healthy bull calf but our fingers crossed for a heifer.

We had an exciting addition as well! Baxter joined our farm last Saturday. Baxter is an 8 month old Great Pyrenees. He was gifted to our farm as a livestock guardian dog. He is still very puppy but he is learning his role on the farm with great progress. He is extremely curious about the chickens, not aggressive, but he definitely wants to chase them. We will be working very hard to train him how to act with the chickens.

Speaking of the chickens, they are all doing great! The chicks are officially full time in the coop and everyone is finally getting along. Snowy and Pete are very likely roosters and at the moment are not showing any signs of aggression, let’s hope it stays that way.

I am so thankful for our farm y’all! When life gets hard and complicated, as this week has demonstrated very well, our farm is the tool God uses to focus our eyes on him. The Redeemed Coop has become our own personal haven for healing. I love sharing this journey with you. I love what God is doing here. Thank you for supporting us and making us part of your week.


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