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2023 Goat Breeding Season

Goat breeding season *fingers crossed* has come to an end. We are 21 days out from the last breeding and so far no signs of return heat. If they do happen to return to heat we can just rebreed but I am hopeful that everyone was succesfully bred. We opted for an early spring kidding season because it's what makes the most sense for our farm. If you remember from last year we had very sporadic kidding times (February - May) but this year we wanted to align them as much as possible. It helps logistically and ensures that the kids have playmates their own size.

River was the first to be bred this season and is due to kid on April 2nd. This will be her first kidding season. Starting kidding season with the new mama is going to a great adventure. You never know how they will handle the labor and if they will naturally do all the mama duties with her new baby. Goat kidding is much more stressful than our cows calving has ever been, with one obvious exception. Even though we have only had to intervine once, we try to be prepared for anything and everything that could happen during their labor process, especially for a new mama.

Paris was our next doe to be bred and she is due to kid on April 6th. Paris is a pro and last year gave us the sweetest little doeling, Amelia. She is a great and protective mama that produced an abundance of milk for us. I don't anticipate any issues but like I said, we are always prepared.

Kissy and Rory went into heat the same day and they are due to kid on April 23rd. Rory is actually Kissy's daughter from 2 years ago. A mama and daughter double delivery. Kissy gave us little Jelly Bean & Squash last season and Rory had spunky little Willow. They are both 21 days post breeding so theoretically they could return to heat in the next few days but so far no signs of that happening. Goats are very vocal when they are in heat, so it's hard to miss.

Of course we could'nt have gotten through breeding season without our sweet and smelly buck, Chase. He greeted the ladies with a lovely song and dance. I will spare the mating images but I will share his lovely song with you. Enjoy.

Who is excited for goat kidding season??


How can I pray for you?

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1 Comment

Fran Dean
Fran Dean
Dec 17, 2023

An exciting time. Baby goats are so cute.😄

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